स्याह इंद्रधनुष और चाँदनी रातें

I think therefore I am …… I think !!! Cut the crap, I am here to write so that I get loads of traffic and I feel important ……


Saw this blog, I don’t remember how I came across it, but oh my God am I not impressed and rejuvenated. This blog is by Khushi Arora , and I am so impressed by her that not only am I writing here (infact a copy and paste) what she wrote about herself in her blog, but am also giving her blog a space in my blogroll. So this is what Khushi (literally – Happiness) says she is

  • I am a crazy, poet at heart person with a go-getter attitude.
  • I like the company of people who inspire me, amuse me or just make me laugh my heart out loud.
  • To be my friend, you need to have optimism in your blood and live life a day at a time.
  • I love traveling and the “unknown” intrigues me.
  • With adrenaline gushing through my veins at all times, the word ”impossible” goes deaf on my ears.
  • For me life is full of limitless opportunities and whatever happens, happens for a reason which is to bring the best out in me.

So if you feel that life is harsh, monotonous and limited, then you and me belong to two opposite worlds. Forget me and move on. Syonara Amigo.


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There was a Naughty Boy – By John Keats

There was a naughty boy,
A naughty boy was he,
He would not stop at home,
He could not quiet be-
He took
In his knapsack
A book
Full of vowels
And a shirt
With some towels,
A slight cap
For night cap,
A hair brush,
Comb ditto,
New stockings-
For old ones
Would split O!
This knapsack
Tight at 'is back
He rivetted close
And followed his nose
To the North,
To the North,
And followed his nose
To the North.

There was a naughty boy,
And a naughty boy was he,
He ran away to Scotland
The people for to see-
There he found
That the ground
Was as hard,
That a yard
Was as long,
That a song
Was as merry,
That a cherry
Was as red-
That lead
Was as weighty
That fourscore
Was as eighty,
That a door
Was as wooden
As in England-
So he stood in his shoes
And he wondered,
He wondered,
He stood in his shoes
And he wondered.

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